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- Commercial and industrial air conditioning systems

- Public transportation vehicles such as Bus and Train

- As condenser in air cooled chillers

- Direct expansion coil is used as evaporator in compressive air conditioning systems such as packaged unit

- Water and steam coils are also used in air conditioning purposes

- Coils are used as heat exchanger in more complex thermodynamic cycles such as nuclear and thermal power plants

- Industrial refrigeration such and cold rooms for keeping meat, drugs, food and beverages

- Condensers and evaporators in refrigeration industries

- Commercial refrigeration such as super markets and restaurants refrigerators

- The refrigerators of the food and beverages transporting vehicles such as trucks and trailers

- The oil coolers of the power transformers in high voltages power distribution plants

- Air coolers and dry coolers used in petrochemical plants

- Steam cooling system in various industries

- Economizer to recycle outgoing thermal energy



   Fins :           Aluminum ( ASTM B209-14 ) | Golden hydrophilic coated aluminum  |  Blue hydrophilic coated aluminum  |  Copper

   Tubes :       Annealed Copper ( ASTM B88-14 , ASTM B111 , ASTM B280-13 )  | Inner groove copper

   Frame :        Galvanized steel (Hot dip)  | Stainless steel ( 304 ، 316 ، 430 ، 304L )  Aluminum | Copper

   Collector :    Copper  | Plain carbon steel

   * Copper parts are brazed using silver filler.

   * Other materials are possible according to request.                    

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